One in every five Australians own an investment property


One in every five Australians own an investment property according to the latest Financial Wellbeing Index from ING Direct.

According to the index the number of Australians investing in property has gone up by three percent since mid-2015.


Mark Woolnough, head of third party distribution, for ING Direct said what’s interesting is that while there are continued questions around affordability and the challenges for younger generations in getting onto the property ladder, it’s actually Gen Y that is leading the property investment pack.

"22 percent of Gen Y (18-34 year olds) own at least one investment property, followed by 20 percent of Gen X (35-49 year olds) and 19 percent of Baby Boomers (50-64 year olds).

 “Ultimately we’re seeing that Australians still hold faith in the long term investment benefits of property. Property is a great opportunity to build wealth, but it definitely pays to do your research, take your time, speak to the experts such as a mortgage broker or buyers’ agent, and focus on the financials of the investment rather than the emotions of a purchase.”

NSW and WA have the highest percentage of residents with at least one investment property (22 percent each), both growing year on year by four percent.

In South Australia, one in every 10 (11 percent) people owns an investment property, down from 15 percent in 2015.

Published in the Property Observer, 11th November 2016