Aquis searches Gold Coast for suitable site for a casino or possible theme park


Aquis CEO Justin Fung at the Aquis Farm Stallion Parade. Picture: Richard Gosling

Hong Kong businessman Tony Fung still hasn't ruled out the possibility of building a casino or even a Disneyland theme park on the Gold Coast.

Justin Fung, the son of Tony, spoke exclusively to the Bulletin yesterday and confirmed his family were still searching for development opportunities on the Coast.

Mr Fung had his sights set on building the Coast’s second casino with the $160 million purchase of the Sheraton Mirage resort late last year but walked away from the deal.

But Aquis CEO Justin Fung revealed yesterday they were still active in the market to bring a “major entertainment complex” to the Gold Coast.

“We want to do something of that level,” he said.

“I don't know whether it is necessarily a theme park but we want to do something that is a major entertainment complex and again, if we find the right site, we will start exploring ideas.

“(There are) no detailed plans in place for either (a theme park or casino) yet at this stage but (we’re) keen to investigate our options across the sites we own.”

When asked if a Disneyland-style park was on the cards, Justin Fung said they were open to options.

“We haven’t investigated any specific brands yet but would consider (a) brand that could attract travellers from around the world,” he said.

Late last year, it was revealed that Chinese conglomerate, the Wanda Group, was in negotiations to gain land at Coomera for a multibillion-dollar theme park.

The Aquis Australia group has been in the process of building its own “theme park” of developments, acquiring Nathan Tinkler’s Patinack Farm (now Aquis Farm) in Canungra last year.

And in April, Aquis gained control of its third major Surfers Paradise development site within 12 months.

It is hoped that the 447ha Aquis Farm will eventually include resort-style living.

Yesterday the farm opened its doors to more than 1000 people for the first Stallion Parade showcase.

Racehorse breeders and enthusiasts lined the fence of the farm’s parade yard to catch a glimpse of the four world-class stallions on offer for the current breeding season.

Published in The Gold Coast Bulletin by Lucy Kinbacher; 15th August 201

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